Olayer wholesale titanium flat irons vendor in China, which lies in Dongguan city called “manufacturing city” which is closing to Hongkong city. Olayer wholesale titanium flat irons manufacturer provides wholesale ceramic flat irons, private label titanium flat irons and other hair styling devices which include negative Ion ceramic hair straightener, hair straightening brush, high speed hair blower, light-weight powerful hair blower, 4 in 1 curling irons, 5 in 1 curler, wall mounted hair blower, 2000W hair blower, 1 inch flatiron, 2 inch hair curler, PTC hair straightener, MCH hair straightener, cool air straightener, automatic cold air curling tong, professional cold air hair styling curler, electric hair curling tongs, electronic hair accessories, laser hair removal etc.

Below we are introducing Olayer wholesale titanium flat irons advantages and disadvantages

This private label titanium flat irons from Olayer flat iron vendor that the titanium plates heats up in less than 10 seconds, has an optimum temperature of 200ºC and maintains its temperature throughout providing you with FULL styling control and versatility. Unlike other irons, the 1″ titanium ceramic plates actually protect the hair by using both infra-red AND negative ion technology to lock in moisture and seal in natural oils creating longer-lasting results, static-free shine and a beautifully-smooth finish. Designed for true professional performance, this wholesale titanium flat irons also has an adjustable temperature control which means you can select the best temperature for your hair, making it perfect for ALL hair types – perfect for bleached, damaged or fine hair which needs less heating power and ideal at higher temperatures for course, thick or ethnic hair and most importantly, the textured handles are ergonomically designed to prevent slipping which makes them MUCH safer and easier to use. One slow slide of the titanium flat irons leaves hair looking unbelievably sleek and shiny and the results can last up to 3 days!

Titanium Ceramic Plate Technology: Titanium Ceramic plates are microscopically smoother, distribute heat more evenly and are ESSENTIAL if you want healthy looking hair. And don’t be fooled into thinking that all ceramic hair-straighteners are alike. Astonishingly, some leading brands claim to have ceramic plates when in fact, they don’t. They are simply aluminum plates with an enamel coating. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself! For true professional performance, the titanium ceramic plates should be of the highest grade quality and combined with a microchip-controlled titanium ceramic heating element which not only allows for ultra-rapid heating and ensures the temperature is evenly displaced across the plate, it also helps to keep the straighteners at exactly the right temperature.private label titanium flat irons

Rapid Heating Technology: Let’s face it, who has the time to wait 10 minutes for your straighteners to reach maximum temperature? Rapid heating technology means this wholesale titanium flat irons will heat up almost instantly and literally halve the amount of time it takes to straighten your hair. Over the long-term they will also use less electricity which not only saves on your electric bills, it helps to preserve the life of the appliance too.

The Benefits of Micro-Porosity: Pure ceramic plates are also incredibly porous. This is good for three reasons: first, it allows a more even distribution of steam throughout the plates which creates less impact on the hair and prevents heat damage. Secondly, it allows for the easy absorption of hair-straightening balm which helps to lubricate and protect the hair, and thirdly, it allows for greater infrared and negative ion flow.

Negative Ions, Vitamins For The Hair! Negative ions are invisible charged particles which, according to the experts are highly beneficial at the molecular level and stimulate everything they come in contact with. All ceramic plates will generate an ion field but pure ceramics are FAR better because the porosity makes for a greater flow and thus a better field. The negative ions bombard the water molecules and break them down into smaller ones which are more easily absorbed into the hair. This not only helps it to retain moisture and elasticity, it actually improves the hair’s condition during use and helps prevent fly-away hair.

Infared Energy: Infrared energy penetrates the hair and heats it from the inside out which helps prevent the surface of the hair becoming too hot from the heat of the appliance.  This not only creates less impact on the hair reducing stress and preventing the hair from drying out, it also helps to lock in water molecules and seal in natural oils creating silky-soft, beautifully healthy looking hair.

Maximum & Adjustable Temperature: Remember your physics class at school? Metal is a far greater conductor of heat than ceramic which is why pure ceramic plates do not reach such hot temperatures. Whilst you may think ‘hotter is better’, it isn’t. Continued exposure to high temperatures will damage your hair causing it to dry out, become brittle and cause split ends. Why risk it when it’s not necessary? Designed specifically to give maximum protection over long-term use, the Pro Ceramic has both an adjustable temperature control (which means you can select the best temperature for your hair type) AND they achieve the same results with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees C. Pure ceramics…the only way to go.

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