Not everyone has naturally soft, supple, cooperative hair when it comes to straightening and styling, so we are going to provide you with the best thick hair straightener choices. The fact is, those blessed with such easy to manage hair are in the minority. Most people have hair that presents some challenges, either because it is very thick, tends to become frizzy, or sports waves that don’t want to give up easily. These hair straighteners are your best bets if you have hair that is tough to tame.

One thing they all have in common – they use ceramic tourmaline heaters that emit a steady flow of negative ions. This advanced technology provides gentler heat, so the higher temperatures needed for bring unruly hair under control won’t damage hair. In addition, the negative ion therapy seals hair cuticles, locking in moisture. This is crucial because hair that becomes too dry is prone to breaking off, developing split ends, and losing its shine and luster.

We suggest these as the best thick hair straightener

  • 1″airflow Ceramic Ionic Hair Straightener: This professional grade tool is thin and versatile, so it straightens very well, but is also useful for styling all the current looks you’ll want to try. This is considered the very best thick hair straightener.
  • 1 inch airflow Titanium Digital Ceramic Ionic Hair Straightener: This styling tool heals damaged hair with the smoothest, gentlest plates available.
  • infrared Titanium Ceramic Ionic Hair Straightener: The 2 ¼ inch titanium plates with infrared are excellent for straightening long, thick or wavy hair.
  • HAI Nu-Stik Ceramic Hair Straightener: Heats up fast and offers temps up to 450F, without burning. Negative ions help to relax hair, so the heat works more quickly and makes for one the best thick hair straightener

Consumers Weigh in on the Best Thick Hair Straightener

Use a straightener with wide plates

Choose a hair straightener with glass plates (if you can’t afford an ionic) that are superior to ceramic

Make sure your straightener has a stand

Always use a protective gel for thick hair

Experts agree that it is up the utmost importance to choose the correct straightener for your hair.  By using the guide above, you can find the best thick hair straightener for you!

Use air hair straightener with ceramic floating plates and built in ion device will be one of the best hair straighteners for your hair healthy care.