One of the precious stones used for making jewelry is tourmaline.  In modern times, tourmaline is also being used as a hair dryer component to ensure that a powerful hair dryer has the best ionic and infrared generator.  This means that there are more benefits to drying your hair with a Tourmaline Powerful Hair Dryer.

Tourmaline History

The name of this stone came from the Sri Lankan language which means mixed colors.  Tourmaline in essence comes in many different colors.  It can be yellow, blue, lime, red, purple, pink, brown, etc.  It was first discovered in the coast of Italy by Dutch traders in the 1600s.  Benjamin Franklin found that it had unique and ionic and infrared properties.

It is mainly used in jewelry but it was used for other things as well.  It was also believed to cure a child’s fever and give a child a comfortable sleep if you wrap the tourmaline in silk and put it against the cheek of a child.

The Benefits of Tourmaline Powerful Hair Dryers

  • The tourmaline mineral is crushed and is used to make up a component of the hair dryers.  Tourmaline acts as an ionic and infrared generator which yields the most beautiful results for the overall look of your hair.
  • As tourmaline naturally and constantly emits negative ions and infrared heat on your hair which is positively charged when it’s wet, you get a silkier feel and shinier look to your hair when it is dried with the Tourmaline Powerful Hair Dryer.
  • The time it takes for drying your hair is cut in half as the negative ions break up water molecules into smaller sizes on the surface of your hair.  They evaporate quickly and easily.
  • Infrared also works by penetrating the hair to heat it gently from within.
  • If water particles are made smaller by the ionization process, it keeps moisture in your hair to protect it from damage.

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