The Professional Ceramic Tourmaline cold air flat Iron is by no means one of the cheapest hair straightening irons, but certainly it comes in as one of the most top rated flat irons you will love to buy.

Professionals insist that the best flat iron for hair is one that has temperature adjustment options available and the cold air flat iron made by Olayer hair straightener wholesale company definitely comes with that feature. The temperature range options go between 140° to 450°, of course most of other brand of hair flat irons have this features as well, but with the cold air and 20,000 thousand of real negative ions is not every hair straightener company does.

The main reason that having some control over the temperature of your hair straightening iron, is to ensure it is suited for people with fine right through to coarse hair thickness. People with finer strands of hair would usually need a cooler setting than someone with medium or coarse hair.

Ceramic plates are also important because they allow for a more even spread of temperature, and are less ‘harsh’ than metal plates, which are more likely to damage your hair.

The cold air flat iron from Olayer hair straightener company has the added feature of Tourmaline treated plates that produce superior conditioning of your hair and maximum shine, with huge of negative ions and cold air blowing to your heated hair, your hair will be sleek, shiny and soft.

Most hair straighteners does not have cold and real negative ions so that will be increased chances of damaging the hair, as heat becomes more intense with the addition of moisture. The Olayer cold wind flat Iron is made for user that could straighten perfect hair result but hair care as well

If you are looking for one of the best hair straightening irons available, then you will want to check this one out.

Olayer Professional Ceramic Tourmaline cold air flat Iron Features include:

  • Adjustable temperature settings from 140° to 450°
  • Gives maximum shine and conditioning of the hair with Tourmaline treated plate
  • Flexible and solid beveled 100% pure ceramic plates with 3 baked on layers that can flip, twist, straighten and curl
  • 20,000 thousand real negative ions and cold air will blow to hair immediately once straightening the hair.
  • Patented I.C.H.S. Technology (Integrated Ceramic Heating System) with Instantaneous heat recovery system – virtually no loss of heat

This ceramic cold air flat iron made by Olayer hair straightener manufacturer is susceptible to breakage, which is not surprising, due to the 100% ceramic plates. These are more easily shattered which means if you drop this flat iron done to the floor may damaged. So if you purchase you want to take extra care,

The cold air flat iron made by Olayer hair flat iron company is reported to be very easy to use, as it does its job quickly and easily, while the results can last for days. It is easy to manage and one person reported that even after regular use for 10 months her hair was in ‘great’ condition.

Cold wind hair straightener is the best ceramic flat iron which feedbacked from our  happy customers, it is definitely not going to suit everybody. It does give you a lot of good options though, that you can at least compare with other hair straighteners.

Certainly this is a high quality product that appears to deliver on its promises, and as such I can very happily recommend this as one of the best hair straightening irons available, if you are looking for wholesale price or single sets of this cold air flat iron, you ae welcome to contact