This private label Ceramic  Flat Iron has cold air system and 20 million built-in negative ion device, it is an adjustable digital screen for easy use. The ceramic plates produce far infrared heat to style hair and the cold air will cool you with with 20 million ions immediately when plates slide through the hair,
Key features
  • Far infrared heat styles hair
  • cold air system to cool you hair with 20 million negative ions
  • LCD screen so that could adjust the temperature easy
  • 5 temperature settings up to 450°F
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use
  • 1 Inch ceramic plates
  • custom LOGO and private label ceramic flat irons is available.

A ceramic flat iron hair styler is one a woman uses to help straighten her hair and give it that shine every woman is after. For most of these stylers, there is normally ceramic plates that preserve moisture and help create the luster and shine. In some of the private label ceramic flat irons which is made by Olayer wholesome flat irons manufacturer, they are equipped with tourmaline crystals that emit negative ions. This quickly seals the cuticle layer and you eliminate the frizz in the hair to get a smoother silkier hair finish. The end goal of these flat irons is to improve on the technology of yesterday, and bring woman the shine they want and deserve.

Benefits of the Private label ceramic Flat Iron from Olayer

When using this ceramic flat iron to style your hair, many of them are equipped to work on both dry and wet hair. This will vary with each manufacturer and even within each product line from a manufacturer. A popular one that is used for both wet and dry conditions is the 1-Inch Nano-Silver Tourmaline Wet or Dry Ceramic Flat Iron. This one is equipped with the tourmaline technology and can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees at a maximum. To show you that you should watch from each product model whether it works in wet or dry, you will see the Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron which is only meant for dry hair. In this case you will need to blow dry your hair. Also to note with that styler, is you can only reach temperatures up to 375 degrees. Not a huge difference with the heat range, as it is a maximum.

With all of the ceramic flat irons by Olayer private label ceramic flat irons manufacturer, you will be able to straighten your hair, shape it in any way you want with the control that you need, and make your hair smooth with only one product. With the new technology, they have also implemented automatic shut off features for your storage and improved heat up speed times. there are many of the wholesale custom hair straightener manufacturers who are producing these types of ceramic flat irons for consumers.

Other Features of these Ceramic Flat Irons include the width of the actual ceramic plates. They can vary from very thin plates such a 1 inch to even 2 inch wide plates. You will also find they vary in between these two sizes such as 1.5″ plates or 1 1/4″ plates. The one inch plate is definately the most common one you will find available to purchase.

One of the most popular China straightener manufacturer with ceramic flat irons is a olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer. From users looking which product they should buy and within the stores, you will likely have “olayer” brought up in the conversation. They product many hair products for both men and women, including shampoos and gel and have made a name for themselves in this market.

They have a range of private label hair styling tools available including the more traditional IONIC Single Pass Ceramic flat Iron. You use it with one pass over your hair to get your hair straight. They have also gone the digital route with their Big CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron. This iron features a digital display of the temperature it is operating and with its micro chip technology offers perfection with its results. They’ve also worked in making something that will work for travellers with their Travel Iron. This would be used more by frequent flyers than others as you could use the normal ceramic iron offerings by Olayer even when travelling.

Perhaps their most interesting product is the Auto Digital Wet to Dry iron. As the name suggests, it lets you go from slightly wet hair to dry straight hair in one step. You can just go to the end results, which is smooth, silky shiny hair. It is recommended that you make sure your hair is 90-95% dry before using the iron and that you applied the appropriate product to your hair. The digital monitor lets you select the correct temperature to a very precise measurement and they also give you a nifty storage pouch for your iron named the Olayer Thermal Pouch.

You can find many of the Olayer private label titanium flat irons and other hair styling tools by contact with and they will normally quote you a wholesale price for all of hair styling tools. Considering their are cheaper irons out on the market, it may look like a lot but you have to gauge features and quality to make sure you are not damaging your hair.

If you have your own design of ceramic flat irons and other hair styling tools that need to produce, welcome to contact with olayer.