Diamond Ceramic Fast Heating Flat Hair Iron Straightener

Model No.
Input Voltage
50-60 Hz
Rated Power
Heating Mode
PTC heating
EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug
Temperature setting
LCD Dislay 122-470F

Fast heating Ceramic Ion Diamond Flat iron (hair straightener) features

This fast heating diamond ceramic flat iron is designed to work best with African American hair because of its extremely coarse texture which allows the tourmaline nano particles in the solution to penetrate into each strand or fiber easier than any other type of hair types including Caucasian & Asian Hair Types. Below are some key features for Olayer Ceramic Ion Diamond hair straightener. If you want to know more information about diamond curling iron, diamond hair dryer, or diamond hair straightener brush, please contact us.


The Titanium products have a dual function. Along with distributing the heat evenly over the hair, they coat the hair fiber with a transparent protective layer that makes the hair shiny and secures it from heating. Titanium hair flat irons are recommended for those who already have fairly straight but treated hair because it is a very delicate material that moves easily on the hair. It is hypoallergenic and antibacterial through the silver ions that are emitted during the use of the straightener, titanium diamond hair straightener and other diamond hair styling tools are the luxury hair dressing tools.


Traditional fixed plates might snag your hair essentially. Designed with plastic silicone beneath the plates, this hair
straightener has a floating function on plates, allows your hair glide though more smoothly, zero pull feeling.


Over 2400pcs 1st rate of clearer glass rhinestone with refined pure handcraft. Fantastic design with sparkling Rhinestones Crystal Diamond.


PTC heating element is the most advanced technology. It has a high efficiency and energy-saving , it can heat up very quickly, 30 seconds super fast heat up! max 470 ℉, which finish the job faster with just 1-2 passes and more effective straightening or curling than the average flat iron.This flat iron works on dual voltage 110V to 240V so you can take your diamond ceramic coated wide hair straightener with you everywhere including trips overseas .

With the newest PTC heating modern technology that provides constant & stable heat and takes less time than others to style your hair effectively & safely without damaging the hair.


Auto Shut Off Protection For Your Safety; Regulate Temperature Up To 400 Degree F (You Can Set The Highest Temperature You Need); Swivel Cord That Prevents Tangles And Screw In Hanger Loop For Ease Of Storage; Dual Voltage Which Allows Travel Abroad Without A Powerter; If you are forgets things easily, the auto shut down feature of this particular hair straightener and curler can be your lifesaver. It will turn off automatically when you forget it.

I am sure that you will love this diamond ceramic coated flat iron as much as we do and you can connect Olayer diamond flat iron manufacturer to the wholesale price, or If you are searching for OEM diamond hair straightener and other diamond hair styling tools from China hair styling tools manufacturer, contact Olayer to get wholesale factory price for all of hair styling tools.