Ceramic Ion hair straightener ( 2 in 1 ceramic hair straightener and curling iron)
Model No.
Input Voltage
50-60 Hz
Rated Power
Heating Mode
PTC heating
EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug
Max Temperature

Ceramic Ion hair straightening iron

A new wireless Ceramic Ion hair straightener iron from Olayer, who is Ion Hair Straightener Company in China. The Olayer Heat Platform wireless Professional/Self using Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Hair Straightening Iron will provide  50 times negative ion more than other brand of flat irons when straightening your hair.  This is a top range hair straightener at a reasonable price. It comes in as one of the most top rated flat irons you should have.

Professionals insist that the best hair straightening iron for hair is one that has temperature adjustments because not all hair is the same. Some hair requires a lot of heat and some doesn’t, so adjusting heat to your hair type is an essential requirement, to maintain your hair in heathy during the heating, you need to have Ion to keep hair care, more hair care requirement more negative Ion.

The currently hair straightening iron on the market does not have enough Ion, this may harm your hair during heating. The Olayer heat Platform straightener (Flat Iron) definitely comes with that feature. The temperature range options go between 176° to 450°, with the cold air during the heating there will be 50 times stringer negative ion blowing to your hair directly after straightening.China Hair straightener

The main reason that having some control over the temperature of your hair straightening iron, is to ensure it is suited for people with fine right through to coarse hair thickness. People with finer strands of hair would usually need a cooler setting than someone with medium or coarse hair, the other safety ways to heath your hair is the blowing air directly coming after straightening the hair, the blowing cold air with super negative ion will come along so that you hair will be taking care of directly after straightening.

Ceramic plates are also important because they allow for a more even spread of temperature, and are less ‘harsh’ than metal plates, which are more likely to damage your hair. This model has three ceramic layers in a bright red color. our hair stylists commented that this negative ion flat iron really retains heat, very quick to heat up, and cool the straightening hair with Ion directly.

The Olayer Ceramic Ion Hair Straightener with cold air that produce superior conditioning of your hair and maximum shine.

It heats up to a high temperature very quickly and  maintains even heat distribution. It is a high quality product with no less than three baked ceramic layers which is then infused with tourmaline.

The Olayer Ceramic hair straightening Iron locks in moisture with the use of negative ions and it repels humidity. This helps to reduce frizzing and static. The styling plates help you to create numerous styles from classy smooth styles to beautiful curls and waves.

If you are looking for one of the top model Ceramic Ion hair straightening irons from China Hair straightener supplier, then you are welcome to contact us.

The Olayer wireless Ceramic Hair Styling flat Iron features include:

  • Adjustable temperature settings from 176° to 450°
  • wireless and convenient, two re-chargeable battery last at lest 40-50 minutes working period. best for travelling
  • Gives maximum shine and conditioning of the hair with Tourmaline treated plate
  • Flexible and solid beveled 100% pure ceramic plates with 3 baked on layers that can flip, twist, straighten and curl
  • Cool your hair directly after straightening your hair, give your hair the minimum damage from the heating
  • 50 times more negative ion come from the blowing air, best condition of your hair care.
  • Gentle on hair, protecting hair color and preventing color fading
  • Offers even heat distribution
  • Heats up remarkably quickly
  • Automatically switches off if you leave it on accidently
  • Dual voltage
  • Works for very curly coarse hair

Olayer wireless Ceramic Ion flat iron is definitely one of the top hair straighteners with the reasonable price. Our Ion hair straightener is very easy to use, as it does its job quickly and easily, while the results can last for days. It is convenient to put into bag for travelling.

Certainly the Olayer Heat Platform wireless Professional/Self using Tourmaline Ceramic Ion hair straightener is a high quality hair styling tool that appears to deliver on its promises. I know there are lots of well know brand of the flat iron on the market, and we have no doubt that they all are good straightening irons, but I can confirm you that they do not have that perfect function as what we have today. I can very happily recommend this as one of the best hair straightening irons on the market today, we have Applicable to new patents for our new model to protect our products.

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