6 in 1 Curling Iron wand set (interchangeable 6 in 1 hair curler)

Model No.: OL-CL04
Input Voltage: 110-240V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Rated Power: 35W
Heating Mode: PTC heating
Plug: EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug
Material: PET + Aluminium
Max Temperature: 230℃
Cable: 2.4M
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Unless you have been hiding under a rock I’m pretty sure you have heard about the cold air 6 in 1 curling wand set. The 6 in 1 curling wand set made by Olayer curling iron manufacturer is an innovative and powerful hair styling product that makes creating curls, waves, and textures for your hair far easier than what it used to be with old-fashioned styler products. I know some of you are having doubts regarding the effectiveness of this product though, which is why I was able to give 6 in 1 curling wand set comments to help people get over their doubts.

What was said about the cold air 6 in 1 curling wand set?

In question about this cold air 6 in 1 curling wand set which everyone wants to know is how satisfied people were with the creative way they were able to move their hair with this product versus other products. Regular curling irons forced you to do things one way, not so with this 6 in 1 curler product. People can make different hair style very easy and never worry your hair getting damaged, with this interchangeable curling rollers you could have hair curls in the very short time, plus 20 millions negative ions and cold air system to care your hair, because of this they found they were able to create much better textures and looks. What is so good about this is the type of looks that were created are not easy to create. In fact some of them can be downright time-consuming. The 100% percent ceramic lined shells, which are called C-shells, make all of this possible by providing heat in a very unique way.

A thorough examination of how the C-shells work

People who are on the fence about the 6 in 1 curling iron wand set need to understand how the C-shell technology works. You see, unlike other round or flat styling tools that heat your hair a certain way, this product is able to use gentle heat and cradle your hair all the way from the root to the end. The amount of time it would take to shape your hair into a particular style and keep it that way is greatly reduced with this technology.

Concerns about possible damage to hair

In this ionic cold air interchangeable 6 in 1 curling wand set I assume that people were concerned about having their hair damaged by this technology. Not to worry, because regular flat irons and rollers cause instances of burning. Not so with this interchangeable ceramic cold air 6 in 1 curling rollers from Olayer hair curler manufacturer, it has a 100% solid ceramic shell system plus cold air, the cold air blowing directly to your hair when the curler sliding done thought your hair, so will cool you hair immediately with 20 million negative ions, also, there are 3 adjusting temperature to suite different type of the hair texture.

Also, do not think for a second that because of the low temperatures the styles you put into your hair will not last long. They will last just as long as they would with traditional flat irons or hot rollers. The time alone you will save by using the 6 in 1 curling wand set over traditional flat irons and hot rollers makes it worth it to give it a try.

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