Pink 1” Ceramic Hair Straightener

If you are searching for a pink hair straightener to use, it makes sense to go with a highly respected name that lives up to its reputation in hair boutiques and in the homes of enthusiasts every day, like the 1” ceramic Pink Straightener which made by Olayer pink hair straightener company. More professionals and home users recommend an Olayer because they have been creating great tools for straightening and sculpting hair for decades. The Pink 1” Ceramic Hair Straightener shows why they are so highly regarded. This PTC heater offers oversized 1-inch plates coated with ceramic to create a very smooth surface that won’t damage hair as you work it through your locks. Negative ions emitted relax the hair and make it more manageable, while opening the cuticles on each strand to absorb more moisture, which is then sealed in for healthier, shinier hair.

Pink Hair Straightener

When you are working over an entire head of hair, whether that of a client’s in your salon, or your own, at home, you want a comfortable handle that won’t cause fatigue or irritation. This Pink 1” Ceramic Hair Straightener from Olayer pink flat irons company comes with a soft, textured grip that is easy on the hands while providing optimum control in every stroke. This tools is great for simply straightening hair, but with practice, you’ll find it is also the right tool for creative waves, natural-looking curls, and any provocative detail you want to add. Healthier hair that is easier to manage will be the results you enjoy. You’ll look your best, feel more confident, and grab more of life in every opportunity.

Beauty experts agree that the Pink Hair Straightener is one of the best and most stylish on the market!

Mini Pink Hair Straightener

Versatility is a sought-after quality in any hair care tool, and the mini Pink Straightener flat iron offers it in abundance. While most straighteners are good for taking the kinks, bends, and cowlicks out of hair, and struggle to do the job of sculpting a great look, this tool does it all. The rounded barrel of the mini pink flat iron is specially designed to give you very straight hair and small size that easy to pack in travel, if that’s what you want, but is equally adept for use in creating whimsical curls, creative waves, and any other nuance of detail you desire. This flexibility has made the mini Pink straightener a favorite for home hair stylists who want to shape the perfect look for each day or outing, and salon professionals who use it all day to craft the exact look their customers pink hair straightener


  • Limited edition pink styler for unbeatable styling
  • Includes heat resistant styler pouch, hairbrush and two sectioning clips
  • Turns off automatically if left unattended for 30 minutes
  • Rounder barrel for curls, flicks, waves and the perfect straight
  • Universal voltage for worldwide use
  • Advanced ceramic heaters and aluminium plates
  • mini small size of pink color, easy to take as travel flat iron

More about the mini Pink Straightener flat iron

The min pink flat iron straightener made by Olayer hair straightener manufacturer is an advanced unit that boasts durable ceramic heaters which transfer the heat to the aluminum plates, offering negative ion therapy that makes hair easy to work with, while sealing the hair’s cuticles so it retains more of its natural moistures. This min pink straightener is fantastic for those who use hair dryers, which damage hair by drying it excessively. It will restore the moisture, and a silkier, shinier head of hair will be the benefit. This pink hottie is usable in 110v or 230v outlets, so take it with you when you travel, and always have it to craft the look you want anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a travelling mini pink hair straightener wholesale price, contact,

Pink Limited cold air 1″ Flat Iron

If time is of the essence for you, whether your work is in the salon on a dozen clients a day, or at home on just your own locks, this beautiful cold air 1 inch pink flat iron is worth a look. The Olayer cold air flat iron pink color sports ceramic tourmaline plates that emit more than 5 times more negative ions than other leading models. What are the results? To begin with, the negative ions relax the hair, making it easier to work with. Less time under heat creates less damage, while the ceramic plates lock in the hair’s natural moisture and oils.

Time savings are also offered because this cold air 1 inch Pink flat iron works on damp hair. Towel dry the tresses and go to work. This unit evaporates excess moisture as it sculpts, straightens, and curls, making the use of a blow dryer unnecessary. Set the digital control to any temp you want from 140 F to 450 F, to achieve the look you desire on any type of hair. The Auto Sense technology that the cold air 1 inch pink flat iron delivers balanced heating over the plates, so the look you create will be uniform. The narrow one-inch plates offer the greatest diversity, whether the style you want requires curls, crimps, waves, a straight canvass, or some stylish twists.

More about the cold air Pink Hair Straightener

This 9-inch long professional cold air pink flat iron offers a 360 degree cord for ease of use.  This hair straightener also includes contoured handle for hours of use without fatigue. Salon professionals and home stylists love the versatility of the cold air Pink flat iron.

Limited Ceramic Ion 1.5″ pink Hair Straightener

Olayer is one of the best hair styling tools manufacturer in China, this ceramic 1.5” pink hair straightener is one of the best on the market. Olayer hair straightener company produces many of OEM/ODM hair styling tools for  Europe and the U.S. customers, preferred by professionals and do-it-yourself stylists at home. The ceramic ion 1.5  inch Hair Straightener gives you everything you need to create today’s most sought after hair styles, and it produces a healthier head of hair in the process. Here’s how.1.5 inch pink hair straightener

First of all, the ceramic plates used in this 1.5 inch pink hair straightener emits a steady flow of negative ions that relax your hair, taking out the static electricity. The result is that the heated ceramic plates straighten hair more quickly, so the locks are exposed to less damaging heat during the session.

Not only does this limited edition, this 1.5” pink hair straightener save time, it spares the hair from heat-related stress. The plates on the pink hair straightener seal in oils already present in the hair, so the tresses

About the Ceramic ion 1.5” pink Hair Straightener

This ceramic 1.5 inch pink hair straightener is a beauty, and it offers you the ability to craft a look that is uniquely yours. If you want it straight, you’ve got it. But this reliable tool is perfect for sculpting waves and flips, too. It puts you in total control, and offers a shape that will hold until the next time you wash your hair. The ergonomic handle and swivel cord that is 10 feet long makes your styling session easy on the hands and wrists.

The ceramic 1.5 inch pink hair straightener is a hair tool that will please the professionals and will put perfection within reach when you use it at home. What’s not to like about its stylish look and professional results?  Chances are, if you try out the ceramic 1.5 inch pink hair straightener, you will not go back to your other brand!

Classic Pink Hair Straightenerclassic pink hair straightener

If your mornings are hectic, getting yourself ready for work and kids ready for school, for instance, you need a hair straightener that heats up in a hurry so you don’t waste a minute and that is what you’ll get with the classic Pink! Not only does the Classic Pink Hair Straightener offer full heat in just seconds, the temp range from 140 to 410 degrees F provides you the versatility to use the unit on any type of hair, to craft exactly the look you want for the day. Now you can walk into work or school every day sporting a style uniquely your own, that looks like it was created by a professional. The ceramic plates emit the right flow of negative ions that relax your hair’s tresses so they cooperate easily, while the heat locks in natural oils and moisturizers for healthy hair with plenty of body and amazing shine.

Straightening might be the featured procedure, and it will do that without pulling or damaging. But this versatile styling iron will also allow you to add a dynamic batch of curls, a few well-placed waves, or any feature you desire..

More about this classic Pink Hair Straighteners

Total control is in your hands with the classic pink hair straightener. You will also appreciate the padded grip and ergonomic design of this highly rated, professional grade model. If you’ve been looking for an easy to use styler with an affordable price tag, the Pink Classic Hair Straightener is one to consider

Olayer is OEM/ODM hair straightener company and hair styling tools manufacturer in China, offer custom hair styling tools all in one stop service.