If you’re researching lightweight professional hair dryers, then OLAYER lightweight powerful blow dryers will without a doubt be the first stop on your trail. There are many makes and models of hair dryers on the market today. OLAYER is a professional lightweight powerful hair dryer manufacturer that offer the best lightweight ion professional powerful hair dryer with brushless motor. This cutting-edge technology will not damage your hair by drying it out. OLAYER blow dryers produce negative ions and infrared heat to protect your hair. There are many different models of OLAYER blow dryers. Read on and find the one that is perfectly suited for all your hair styling needs.

OLAYER lightweight Professional Hair Dryer

This is the most powerful hair dryer in the world. This is a quiet and lightweight model but yet so powerful it will reduce your hair drying time by up to 50%. The OLAYER Rocket features a ceramic heating coil that produces moisturizing heat. It utilizes negative ions and infrared heat to diffuse the water molecules in your wet hair instead of boiling and drying out your hair like traditional blow dryers. This improves the hair’s moisture balance resulting in sleek and shiny hair every time.

OLAYER Ceramic Ionic lightweight powerful Hair Dryer

This OLAYER blow dryer also has ionic technology and a ceramic coil to generate negative ions that dry your hair from the inside out which reduces static electricity and frizz. This results in a shinier and softer hair in half the time of a conventional hair dryer. The main benefit on ionic technology is to infuse positive energy into the hair shaft which breaks apart the water molecules. This eliminates the “boiling” effect of conventional hair dryers which damages the hair by drying it out. It also locks in hair color, repels humidity and seals the cuticle. These are all important factors for sleek, shiny and healthy hair.

OLAYER Nano Ceramic Hair Dryer

Like the entire line of OLAYER hair dryers, the Ceramic Hair Dryer made from Olayer ion hair dryer wholesale company features a ceramic coil and ionic technology that produces negative ions to diffuse the water molecules and protect your hair from heat damage. However, the Nano hair dryer also features silver Nano technology in the handle that creates a germ-free styling environment by sterilizing and killing bacteria. The Nano also features a built in blow dryer stand for hands-free hair styling. The dual air flow vents take in twice as much air as other hair dryers resulting in a 50% faster drying time and still leaving your hair soft and shiny.

OLAYER Pro powerful Hair Dryer

The OLAYER Pro Hair Dryer is the newest in the line of Olayer blow dryers. It has all the great features you’ve come to expect from Farouk OLAYER. This OLAYER Pro Dryer features ceramic coil and ionic technology to give your hair the moisture balance that produces soft, shiny, and manageable results. With 1300 watts of power, the OLAYER Pro Hair Dryer will dry your hair 40% faster than a conventional hair dryer. It’s ergonomically designed and lightweight for that comfort you’re looking for on the go.

OLAYER Mini Pro powerful hair Dryer

Don’t let its small size fool you. This portable, travel size, blow dryer packs a wallop. With a folding handle and compact size this is your perfect companion on the road. It still has all the features of the full size models. With Ceramic coils, ionic technology and infrared heat, your hair will love you for it. Fast drying times and healthy, shiny hair will have you walking out of your hotel room looking better than ever. Don’t sacrifice the benefits of a full size hair dryer when you can take the OLAYER Mini Pro Dryer with you when you travel.

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