There is one thing you can get most professional hair stylists to agree upon. They may argue over what the latest styles over or disagree about the best techniques to use to create those styles, but one thing you won’t find any arguments about: they believe that Chinese lightweight hair dryer is one of the best in the world, even some world brands of hottest powerful hair dryers are made by the Chinese OEM hair  dryer companies. From their shampoos, sprays, and conditioners to their hot styling tools, Chinese hair products can be relied upon to give professional results in the salon and at home. They is why China is the best hair styling tools manufacturer for the professional grade products anywhere on the world.

More men and women depend on Chinese hair dressing tools to create the hair styles they desire. Lightweight hair dryers made by Olayer Chinese hair dryer company fit perfectly into the hair styling field of outstanding products. They are professionally designed to dry hair more quickly and without the damaging effects of heat that inferior hair dryers can produce. Look at the Chinese powerful lightweight high power hair dryers with ceramic plate and ionic technology and you will certainly find the perfect tool for the way you style your hair – or the hair of your clients in your professional setting.

1. Ceramic Anion Infrared lightweight professional hair dryerlightweight hair dryer

Are you looking for a little dynamo that can dry your hair in less time while protecting it from damaging heat? The Ceramic Anion Infrared lightweight professional hair dryer from Olayer wholesale hair dryer manufacturer may be the perfect hair blow dryer for your routine. It is built to the standards demanded in professional salons everywhere. This innovative and technologically advanced Olayer hair product is gentle on your hair because it dries it more quickly and with less heat. The ceramic anion infrared design emits 20 million ions that break up water molecules so that they evaporate 50% faster than with standard dryers. Cutting your drying time in half while sealing in the hair’s natural moisturizers is a winning combination you can’t afford to be without.

The Ceramic Anion Infrared lightweight professional hair dryer made by Olayer powerful hair dryer company heats up quickly to save time and when you want unheated air, the cool shot button delivers it instantly so you can help hair get air and increase volume without heat. When you are drying the hair, the ceramic plates within guarantee that heat is evenly distributed so there are no hot or cool zones that will lead to potential damage or slow down the drying time. The low emissions of electromagnetic fields makes it safer for use in all circumstances while the extra-long cord adds convenience at home or in the salon. This Ceramic Anion Infrared lightweight professional hair dryer from Olayer Chinese best hair dryer company is one of the best choices in the best salons and now you can use it right in your own home to get salon-quality results in your own styling.

2. Professional 1800 Watt High power Hair Dryer

Hair dryer company China

Hair dryer company China

The use of blow dryers has for years been one of the most damaging practices to hair. High, dry heat dries out hair cuticles and leads to damage and distress. Professional 1800 Watt High power Hair Dryer made by Olayer Chinese high power hair dyer company has done something to solve problem. They have developed a line of dryers that actually promotes healthy hair that maintains its natural moisture through the drying process. The Professional 1800 Watt High power Hair Dryer is one of the top dryers made by Olayer Chinese high speed hair dryer manufacturer. It is a work horse tool that is found in thousands of professional salons around the world because it enhances hair health through the use of advanced and innovative technology.

Home users love it for the same features. It employs ceramic plates for quick, even heat distribution and emits ions that break up water molecules so that they evaporate quickly. The time it takes to dry hair is cut by 40-50% when you use the this Professional 1800 Watt High power Hair Dryer, and that means less potential for damage to the interior of the hair strands. Plus, the heat is not as dry as that delivered by standard hair dryers so the effects are greatly reduced. The low setting is plenty for fine, short hair and the high setting will work to quickly dry longer or thicker hair. The infrared and ionic heat also seals the hair cuticle which helps to lock in moisture and prevent damage. This high speed hair dryer is quick, efficient very quiet and it also emits lower levels of electromagnetic frequencies for safer use at home or in the salon. If you thought a hair dryer was nothing but a menace to healthy hair, think again. The Professional 1800 Watt High power Hair Dryer will help you achieve healthy, great looking hair right from the start.

3. Ceramic ion lightweight powerful hairdryer with diffuser and long cordlightweight professional hair dryer

If you are a fan of the other lines of Olayer hair styling tools products then you will really love the ceramic ion lightweight powerful hairdryer with diffuser and long cord by Olayer wholesale hair dryer company. This powerful hair dryers are made to professional specifications but is affordable enough for use at home. The list of quality features that make it a bestseller and highly rated tool is very long. It begins with the advanced technology employing ceramic plates that delivers moist air that dries hair more quickly. That may seem impossible but it’s not. The pure ceramic coils produce infrared ionic heat that breaks us water molecules more quickly so that they evaporate out of hair much faster. Salon professionals and home users report that those powerful hair dryers gets hair dry in 40% to 50% less time than standard dryers, and since the heat is moister, the threat of damage caused by dry heat is greatly reduced or eliminated.

The ions emitted by the ceramic coils also lock in hair’s natural oils and seal the cuticle to produce shinier, healthier hair. There are three speeds in the 1400 watt and unit plus a cold shot button to assist in drying and styling, and the two-speed motor is one of the quietest on the market today, with 110,000 turns per minutes and noise is under 65db. The handle is ergonomically designed so that even salon professionals can use this tool throughout the day without hand and wrist fatigue. This professional hair tool is a top choice in salons and now more home users are finding out how great this compact, efficient hair dryer is for creating great looking healthy hair with every use.

Olayer is wholesale powerful hair dryer and hairdressing tools manufacturer in China, in the beginning we manufacture some electric parts, export injection mold, at middle of 2020, Olayer bought a hair dryer wholesale vendor, who has been manufactured the hair dryer & hair tools more than 15 years,

Today, Olayer manufacture different of hair styling tools, primarily in negative ion lightweight high power hair dryer, infrared powerful hair dryer, foldable small size of travel hair dryer, Ceramic ion hair straightener, wet to dry hair straightener brush, professional & automatic cold air curling iron, 6 in 1 curling irons etc.

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