Are you thinking about buying a ceramic Ionic cold air curling iron? Every girl knows that using ceramic ionic for their styling needs is always the best and safest option for their hair but which curling iron should you pick? In this page I am going to reveal to you the best ceramic Ionic cold air curling irons on the market.

Ceramic ionic Cold air hair curler, and I think no matter you are use at home of use in the hair salon you and your customer will really love it, the ceramic ionic cold air hair curling iron Infiniti Cold air curling iron Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic cold air curling iron.

The first new technology about this ionic cold air curling iron was the fact that it has the cold air on the top of curling iron that will blowing the cold air and the negative ions to your hair. Almost every styling device to curl you hair that I have seen that has no any ionic technology. All you have to do with this cold air curling iron is wrap the hair on the curling that you want curled around and then waiting for the sound account to 5 second and slider done slowly. This will ensure that you will be able to get the curl that you want without that annoying worries about the frizzy, your hair will be sleek and shinny by the 10 thousand negative ions from the top of the curling iron.

Quick Heating

Another thing that annoys the stylist about curling irons is when they take forever to heat up. If you accidentally forget to plug in your curling iron before it is time to go you are just going to have to go without curl if it takes 20 minutes to heat up. Thankfully the ionic cold air curling iron from Olayer cold air curling iron company is not like that. This styling tool will heat up to its highest temperature in only 30 seconds and besides for that after each curl is set the curling iron will instantly reheat to maintain a steady temperature which means that your curls will have a uniform look.

Fighting Frizz

The Cold air curling iron using tourmaline ceramic ionic technology so you will be able to create smooth, shiny curls each time by using cold air curling iron. The 10 thousand negative ions from the blowing air that are emitted will eliminate frizz and since the surface is easy-glide it smoothes hair as it is curling. A lot of time other curling irons will have hot spots and that will damage hair but not the Cold air curling iron, it will allow you to style your hair without having to worry that you are going to damage it from the hot spots in the iron.

Professional Home Results

Every time that you go to the salon you come out with gorgeous hair and then you go home and its bust not with the Cold air curling iron. You will be able to create the same salon look right from your own home because this is the quality of cold air hair curler tool that you have.

The four settings will allow you to set this cold hair curling iron tool to the level that is right for your hair. Not everyone’s hair is the same and you will be able to find out which setting works the best with your hair and gives you the results that you want.


All around this is a great cold air hair curler tool to have in your styling arsenal. If you like looking great all of the time and have to style your hair a lot this is a must have.

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