After buying a hair straightener machine you should know the technique of using the hair straightener (flat iron). Also know the technology of anion hair straightener that does the least amount of damage to your hair. When you will buy a hair straightener you can easily straight your hair with comfortably in your home. But you need to buy some good quality anion hair straightener with cool air to car your hair, and  you need follow the steps how to do it. Here discuss the steps for your concern, there are 3 steps guideline, if you use our Anion hair straightener with cool air you will definitely get perfect straight hair and perfect hair care.

How to straighten your hair

1.Wash and dry your hair make it perfect for straightening.

If you plan to straight your hair then wash your hair before do it. When the hair is freshly washed, conditioned, and dried, the straightening process works best for it.

Also sure about that shampoo is suitable for your hair and conditioning your hair. Once hair is washed, use towel to dry it then blow-dry with a hair dryer. Dry the roots of your hair with the hair dryer first, then work by the lengths of your hair. If you want to add more volume, turn your head upside down while drying. Use a paddle brush to action through tangles and hold hair taut as you dry.

Anion Hair Straightener

Anion Hair Straightener

2. Choose the right heat setting.

When you are straighten your hair you should set the correct temperature for your hair type, you can read user manual in our ion hair straightener packing box. Before straightening you will divide your hair into sections will ensure that you straighten your hair properly, without absence any strands. It’s better if you divide it into three sections then which section you will straight take that parts and clipped the other two parts.

First and second layer of your divided parts easy to straight, you can straight it smoothly. The third layer stands of any hair which remains unclipped, will be the hair at the back of your head, growing around the hind head of your neck.

Now straightening hair with the perfect heat setting which give you the option to adjust the temperature of the flat irons. Your hair will assure you get the best results and will prevent you from doing unnecessary damage to your hair by using the right temperature.

The temperature which one is perfect for you it’s depend on your hair. For thick hair it will differ from thin hair.

  • Between 200 and 300 °F for Fine or damaged hair should use this temperature
  • Between 300 and 350 °F Hair of average thickness which is in pretty good condition should use this temperature
  • 350 to 400 °F temperature should be used for Very thick or coarse, frizzy hair

If you do not know what conditions of your hair, then we have a suggestion model temperature in our anion flat iron. you can read that in he user manual.

3. Use right material to keep straight your hair.

There are different ion hair straightener in the market. Sometimes you will get confused which one is better for you. But we will suggest if you look for hair straightener that use titanium, ceramic or tourmaline and has anion condition with cold air. These are good for your hair like give you perfect hair style healthier, less frizzy look and less damage of your hair and also suitable for daily use. Material you need also a heat protectant spray whenever you use flat iron make sure you don’t use a hot tool without first protecting hair from damage.

You can prevents hair from becoming dry and frazzled and locks in moisture because of the heat protection spray. Apply it evenly over dry hair, carrying the Spray can about six inches away from your head. Your hair look greasy if you apply it roots of the hair, don’t try like that.

Follow the above steps you can get straight hair easily at your home. If there is something missing, examine your work in a mirror to make sure about it. If you miss any section of your hair you can easily find in the mirror and try it again. Before applying any finishing products it’s very important to do a touch ups like style your hair and find the position of hair is OK or not.

You can use a silicone-based serum as a finishing product to add shine, or spray your hair with hair spray to hold your hair in place.

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