To have a smooth flowing straight hair is the dream of many people, but by a combination of many causes of hair allows the people of the headaches, then how to make hair straight it? The natural shape of the hair should be straight along, and if the hair appeared unnatural state of bending, it is time to think about how to make hair become the next straight.
Make straight hair there are a variety of ways, including some practical way, so full control and correct use of these methods make straight hair curly hair problem is to solve the key! Here, we have to tell you about what specific measures can make the hair straight!

First, the life we ​​so often see the way the hair pulled straight hair, use some special equipment hair straightening or hair clip straight man. In fact, many people in their own hair length up to a certain extent, the natural hair will not keep straight along, because both the beam made a number of everyday tools, or our hats, and even sleep with the head pillow friction, which will allow the hair from physical deformation. To varying degrees of curl! This time, if you use straight or straightening cream folder, you can straighten the hair!

Second, how to make hair straight, choose a perm is a very effective way. Some people choose direct direct hot straight perm hair, although the effect of this approach is obvious, but for us big hair damage hair, so there’s no way suggest that you select a perm! Because in the process of perm, hair perm solution penetration into the interior of the original damage to the hair structure, operating over the frequency or choose not to appropriate medicine, will bring some serious hair issues, such as hair qualitative difference, hair color rendering sub-healthy state!

Again, spare personal care is how to make straight hair is very reasonable answer. In the course of our hair, a lot of water can invade the hair through the internal, so the hair becomes filling, the hair is not naturally capable of bending to some extent offset by the ability of this method to straighten hair is relatively safe because damage to the hair shampoo is close to zero, so the hair will not be causing the problem!

Finally, if you bend the hair is not very powerful, you can also choose to use regular hair comb. Regular combing hair, remove hair, dust and straighten out some of his hair, but also make straight hair, showing a smooth state. In addition, often only to let the hair comb hair straight, you can also rubbing the scalp, promoting blood circulation to the scalp to promote hair growth!

In addition, the current market, some of the effects of straight hair products is also very good choice, even disposable, straight hair products can be directly applied to the hair, make hair supple showing a natural effect, if you really do not understand how to make straight hair, do not know which approach should be used, may wish to try this product!