Most hair accessories are good for you. They make your hair look more beautiful and even turn a bad hair day into a good one. But hair accessories can also be harmful if you’re not able to make the right choices. Yes, there are some hair accessories that can actually do more harm than good. Here are some of those that you should avoid as much as possible.

1. The Banana Clip

This hair accessory was a big hit in the 90s. So many girls and women wore this hair accessory as a quick way to pull up their hair. It was very trendy at that time. It gave the hair a different kind of ponytail effect. But it’s a good thing this fad has already ended. Now if you still own one, worse you’re still using it, it’s about time that you stop. It can pull your hair in a harmful way that can even give you headaches.

2. Elastic Bands

No, it’s not a good idea to tie your hair with an elastic band. The elastic band is too strong for the hair. It causes too much friction that’s not good for your mane. If you want to pull your hair back, use a scrunchie made with soft material so that your hair doesn’t get pulled more tightly that it should.

3. Headbands with sharp teeth

Do you know those headbands that come with sharp teeth so that the hair will be pulled back neatly? It’s not a good idea to buy those. The sharp teeth can irritate the scalp. They can also damage your hair. When buying headbands, make sure that they don’t have teeth that are too sharp or else, this will take a toll on the health of your scalp.

4. Too tight headbands

Most headbands are made with hard plastic. Some of these can be too tight on a person’s head. Too tight headbands may constrict circulation and cause headaches. Don’t think that a headband will eventually loosen up and feel more comfortable. At the moment you buy this hair accessory, it should feel comfortable right away.

When you buy hair accessories, make sure that you choose those that are made of high quality. Pick accessories that are made with high standard materials. Also, try the accessory first before buying so you can determine if you feel comfortable wearing it or not. If not, go find another accessory. Don’t rely too much on the aesthetic quality of the item.

Even if you’ve bought the most beautiful accessory for the hair, if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable, it would be to no avail. There are plenty of nice hair clips, headbands, scrunchies, and barets online. The online market provides good quality products at more affordable prices. Look for a store that sells superior items and offers excellent service. Before you buy from any store, see to it that you check the reputation of the store first.