Hair dryer plays an important role in our everyday life. It has changed our lifestyle. In addition, it saves our time and escapes from the disgusting smell of wet hair.

However, there is the best hair dryer made by Olayer hair dryer company that could dry your wet or damp hair every day. this is light weight high speed hair dryer which made by Olayer China hair dryer wholesale manufacturer. Olayer is not only make hairdryers but also other hairdressing tools, such as, cold air hair straightener, professional and automatic ceramic cold air hair curler, light weight high speed hair dryer, infrared hair dryer, wet to dry hair straightener brush, etc. Olayer provide OEM/ODM contract manufacturer service for custom design and development hairdressing tools,

If you want to buy a best high-quality harm less hairdryers, below we will give your some good suggestions to help you on how to choose be the hair dryer,

You have to choose what type of hairdryer which is suitable for your hair. Because different types of hairdryers are used for different types of hair.

Now we are going to show you which matters are observable for buying hairdryers.

How to choose the best hair dryer for different hair type

You should know about some noticeable information of hairdryers before purchasing.

  • Heating material
  • Ion generating system
  • Weight
  • Speed or heat settings
  • Cool shot button
  • Voltage
  • Cord length
  • Safety system
  • Motor power
  • Drying time

Negative Ion

Positive Ion makes the cuticle of your hair frizzy and unhealthy appearance. On the other hand, Negative Ion breaks the positive water molecule.

It doesn’t remove moisture from the cuticle of the hair. It dries hair rapidly and makes hair frizz less.

You have to choose what type of hairdryers which provides negative Ion.

Ionic hair dryers provide negative Ion. Tourmaline hairdryer also provides negative ion. Add a ionic device in the hair dryer can produce huge ions as well.

Between this two hair dryers, which will be better for you?

Ionic hair dryers emit negative ion artificially, but tourmaline is one kind of mineral or James stone, it emits negative ion naturally, this mineral is used in Tourmaline hairdryers. For this Tourmaline hairdryer is better than an Ionic hairdryer. It doesn’t any harm to your hair. In addition, it makes hair silky and shiny. But more uses of Ionic hairdryers is so harmful to hair health. In addition, Ceramic hair dryers may be your best choice for purchasing a hairdryer. It also emits negative ion naturally, it doesn’t damage your hair like as Ionic hair dryers. It is also cheap than Tourmaline hair dryers, a light weight high speed hair dryer made by Olayer China hair dryer wholesale company that has ceramic component plus the negative ion device, this will generate more than 20,000 thousand negative ions when you drying your hair. it is one of the best hair dryer on the market today.

Power of hairdryers

For hair drying, you need powerful hairdryer but no need high power, you have to select a dryer according to your hair type, the best rang of power is 1500-1875 watts. you should dry your hair using hairdryers of this rang. 1800 watts or more than it will suitable for thin hair. But the power of some professional hairdryers will be up to 3600 watts. These high power hairdryers are suitable for thick and curly hair, light weight hair dryer made by Olayer China hair dryer wholesale manufacturer has 1300 watts but only 480g, it is very good for the professional hair stylist which can hold this light weight small hair dryer in all days without any tired, with this folding design of the small size of high speed hair dryer, you can easy to put this light weight in the bag for travelling. so this is one of the best travel hair dryer as well

Cool shot button

You have to notice that your selected dryers must have a cool shot button, this button is known as wizard button or magic button, it helps to make your hairstyle as various looks. When your hair will be dry 80 %, that time you can create a various amazing style of your hair using this button, during then, if you use a round brush for smoothing hair you will get more volume and bouncy hair.

Speed & heat settings

A good hairdryer has multiple speed & heat settings, according to different types of hair you have to need this setting, for thin hair, you need lowest heat setting, but if you are an owner of curly and thick hair, you will need highest heat settings. You shouldn’t dry your hair in high heat, because if your hair becomes too much dry it will be moisture free, that will be the cause of your hair break and hair damage. Low heat setting dry hair 90%, that’s better for hair health, for controlling heat you will need multiple heat settings, during hair drying, you need to control its speed. So, speed setting of a hairdryer is a very important matter for selecting the best hair blow dryer.

Weight of your hair dryer

Among lightweight & heavy weight hairdryers you should select lightweight hairdryer, it makes your hair drying time is more enjoyable without any type of hassles, but, heavyweight & clunky hairdryers create many problems, it will be the causes of shoulder fatigue, hand or back pain. Even, you won’t able to move it properly for drying hair, as a result, you will be a failure to dry and style your hair wonderfully. So, always avoid the biggest, clunk and heavyweight hair dryers. The perfect weight of your hairdryers may be 1lb (pound) or 450 gm, you should select or buy a hair dryer which weight can be maximum 500 gm. That will be the best blow dryer selection of you for your nice hair.

the small size of high speed hair dryer made by Olayer hair dryer wholesale company have 480g with 1300 watts which explained above, this the one of the best hair dryer for you and the professional hair stylist. contact olayer to get wholesale price on this best hair blow dryer diffuser


For hair styling and drying smoothly, you will need nozzle attachment of hairdryers. during hair drying, you want to apply airflow on the definite area, for this purpose, you need that types of nozzle attachment which control air flow. This types of attachment have low radius delivery way. Besides this, you need other nozzle attachment which can make your hair curly and smooth, for this, you need a diffuser with your blow dryer. It helps spread out the flow of air of the hairdryers, the lightweight high speed hair dryer from Olayer Chinese hair dryer manufacturer include three attachments, two nozzles with different size, and one hair dryer diffuser for the curl hair,

Hair Dryer Cost

It is not always true that all expensive products are perfect. The best hairdryer doesn’t have to expensive, you can get many affordable hairdryers which have above qualities, you can buy them at a lower price than 100$. If you want to buy high powered and luxurious hair dryer you can get then extra benefits. if you buy Olayer lightweight high speed hair dryer you will have some extra benefits including the soundless (as quite as 75db), light weight, travel hair dryer with the folding design, three attachments, and the price is not as high as others, for the quality this lightweight high speed blow dryer have CE &ETL certificate, this light weight hair below dryer has separate plug for America, Europe and Asia. Contact Olayer to get price for this best hair below dryer,

Wire or Zack

You should select that blow dryer which has a long wire for AC connection. If the wire of hairdryers is short it may be the causes of many problems like short-circuit. Long wire is very helpful for moving blow dryers during drying wet hair properly, different types of people have different hair pattern. Some of them have tick hair or thin hair, some of them have straight or curly etc.

So, according to their hair type need suitable hairdryers. For that, different types of hair dryers are produced. If you want to know more about the types of hairdryers and which dryer is perfect for your or your clients, contact us, Olayer is Chinese hair dryer wholesale manufacturer, offer Custom design & development hair dryer and other hairdressing tools, custom logo and private label hair styling tools are available for all of our hair care tools, contact us to get price list now.