There is no reason that when done correctly, with the right hair straightener, anybody can achieve the straight hair they seek.The following hair straightening tips can go a long way to ensure you get the smooth, straight results you’re after.

Use a Heat Protectant

When dealing with temperatures up to 450°F (230°C), your hair needs to be protected. Heat exposes and loosens the cuticle of the hair, making the strands more vulnerable to damage from heat. Heat protectants shield the follicles from the brunt force of the heat, and help evenly distribute heat along the shaft.

Heat protectants come in various forms from sprays to serums. Be sure to use a silicone based formula, as the majority of water based heat protectants offer little real protection, as water evaporates instantly.

By using heat protectant, you will have a silkier, smoother result, and your hair will be protected from damage. Generally, heat protectants are applied to semi-damp hair immediately before blow drying or flat ironing.

Section off Hair

Use sectioning clips so you can give each section of hair the best treatment and attention possible. Section off your hair and start with the bottom, working your way around the head.

Straighten Small Sections of Hair at a Time

The biggest mistake people make when straightening hair is trying to do too much at once. By working on small 1 inch sections at a time, each follicle will receive the tension and heat it needs to complete the physical reaction of semi-permanently straightening it. By doing smaller sections of hair, you will also not need to run the straightener through the section many times to achieve a result. Once you’ve done all of the smaller sections, then go through with thicker chunks and quickly move the hair straightener through in a swifter motion to blend.

Use the Right Heat Setting

The key to using the right heat setting is to start off low, working your way up if necessary. If you start off too hot, the damage can be irreversible, whereas by starting off with a lower heat setting, you lower your risk for heat damage. The below chart is a general guide, remember to start off with a lower heat setting.

Temperature Guide

TemperatureWorks for
450°FKeratin Treatments
390-440°FThick, Coarse Hair
340-380°FWavy Hair
300-330°FNormal Hair
260-290°FFine Hair
200-250°FFragile Hair