Hair Straightener Technology

Hair Straightener Iron Technology

Today’s world running based on technology, without technology we can’t think our single day. Truly said that we are depend on technology. People who are beauty conscious, technology is also expand in this beauty sector.

Hair straightener iron is making beautiful hair style. Hair style is one of the most important part for women. They like to give different look of their hair. Without preparing their hair they can’t go anywhere and also rambling hair they are not looking pretty. Now a days different types of hair straightener with newest technology are using for styling your hair. You can give any texture or repair your damage and curly hair. But which hair straightener is good for your hair it is not easy to find out. Before going to the shop you should concern about hair straightening technology which one is better for your Hair. In this writing we will describe about the Hair straightener technology.Hair straightener Technology

When we are in the market we will listen the hair straightener like Tourmalinenegative ions hair straightener, infrared heat, Ceramic hair straightener and Titanium. These terms are directing to the newest technology in helping to remove limit hair loss through breakage, frizz, and for contriving glossy shine. Following this technology hair straightener are used. All straightener made out of Ceramic, Tourmaline, and Titanium throw out negative ions when heated, and adding a heating mechanism made with these same materials, will get even more negative ions! Our Olayer brand of flat irons even have a special part (blowing air during straightening your hair) where their only function is to motive negative ions on to hair for super ion boost (ejection 50 times negative ions more that other brand).

Ceramic Hair Straightener Technology

Ceramic Hair straightener Technology

One of the best hair straightener plate material is ceramic. When it comes time to purchase a flat iron, Ceramic plates are always preferred. These special ceramic plates and healthy Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Technology they use, are few harmful for the hair than the primitive straighteners with metal plates.

You will find appliances that are only ceramic coated, from your cheapest heating tools, to your most costly. Ceramic glides by the hair without pulling and tugging at it, dissimilar aluminum or even gold plated plates. When you are looking for an iron you should careful about that have ceramic plates and not only a ceramic coating. It is best for Thin to thick hair, Regular use, and normal hair.

Tourmaline Hair Straightener Technology

Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that helps in the hair smoothing action. Tourmaline ejects negative ions that prevent the positive ions present in dry or damaged hair. It generates 20 times more moisture-locking ions than any other type of hair straightener plate. It also create infrared heat, which removes static and leaves behind silky, shiny hair. We can find tourmaline technology added to combs, brushes, curling irons and more. With a tourmaline ceramic plate, you can remove hair damage and also best for regular use to style your hair. Suitable for Normal to damaged hair, professionals also.

Titanium Hair Straightener Technology

It is another excellent hair straightener because they are very strong but also lightweight so you will not get a sore arm styling your hair. They also heat up evenly and quickly, like ceramic. It produced more negative ions compared to other hair irons. The negative ion technology gives your hair more hydration, removes frizz, enlarge shine and improves your hair’s overall look. A titanium flat iron/hair straightener can verily make your hair feel more hydrated, flexible and healthier. It also best for thin or damage hair or normal hair and Professional use.

Generally we know ions that carry positive or negative electric charge. Hair straighteners with ionic technology action to throw negative ions which in turn neutralize the hairs atoms and remove the static and frizz making the hair smoother and shiner.

Ionic technology is not the best for you if you have very fine or lifeless hair because it works to reduce the activity in the hair.

Only using your ionic hair styling tools for the bottom and back parts of your hair, when you are using ion hair straightener iron be sure to stay clear of your roots. But it is true that you can get stylish hair using this.

All of these are not enough here are also so many expensive straightener you will find in the market. If you want to get stunning hair, 100% pure ceramic could be enough. Tourmaline gives you an even unite boost and is best for all hair types, and Titanium, unless used rightly.

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