What is Cold Wind hair straightener

Cold wind hair straightener or cold wind flat iron is a hair straightening tool that uses a combination of heat and cold air to style the hair. The cold air helps to set the hair in place after it has been straightened, providing a long-lasting, smooth and shiny finish. This type of straightener can be especially useful for those with fine or delicate hair that is prone to damage from high heat.

The cold wind function of a hair straightener iron works by blowing cold air onto the hair after it has been straightened. This helps to cool down the hair and set it in place, reducing the amount of time it takes for the hair to cool down and reducing the risk of damage from high heat. The cold air also helps to reduce frizz and static, providing a smoother and more polished look.

Which hair straightener is best for you

There are several best hair straightener models in the market today and this is a good thing because it affords everyone the opportunity to lay hold on the brand and model that best suits their hair. One of the best hair straighteners out there is the ceramic ion cold wind hair straightener from which made by Olayer hair straightener company. It is one of the few hair straighteners that has ceramic plates with negative ion plus cold wind which can help you achieve the soft, shiny and silky hair style.

With the technology used in this best hair straightener, you never need to worry about damaging or over-drying your hair to breakage, with the cold wind will keep the moisture in your hair and make your hair healthy better.

The Patented negative ion and cold wind Technology is used in this hair straightener. This technology uses ceramic plates with cold wind, when straightening your hair the cold wind blowing directly to your hair with 20,000 thousand negative Ions, this is most of different than many other straighteners. As you glide the iron through your hair, no matter how tough it was, it will naturally soften and straighten without fuss.

Unlike a lot of other straighteners which require that you spend endless minutes at straightening, this cold wind technology helps to cut down the straightening time a great deal, and with cold wind the will be 2,000 thousand negative ions blowing to your hair, without this technology you will almost got none ion to your hair. with this new technology you will only need to run the iron through your hair about twice or thrice before everything becomes straight as you would love it.

cold wind hair straightener

cold wind hair straightener

You may also see your flat iron as a fine comb which can go from top to bottom of your hair faster and more efficiently. It is perfect for frizzy hair because the ceramic technology incorporated inside.

The plates will release tons of negative ions which deliver rapid heat through every strand of your hair, after you slide though the flat iron there will be cold wind with 100 million negative ion blowing to your hair immediately. By reason of this, your hair will come out silkier, softer and shinier after every session with this ceramic ion cold wind flat ion.

The major sell point of this product is the fusion of the advanced cold wind technology plus 100 million negative Ions and the ceramic technology; you will not find that in any other. It therefore gives you the power of two tools in one. It will restore health to your hair as it helps to lock moisture in your hair cuticles and it will prevent split ends.

It is no wonder that you could get this cold wind ceramic ion hair straightener from Olayer hair straightener company and in most hair styling shops. Olayer have better hair styling tools today and people are getting to know. cold wind hair straightener from Olayer hair straightener manufacturer comes with 1 inch ceramic plates which make it easy to divide the hair into several sections with ease.

The ceramic plates will make it easier for you to quickly style your hair. Several users with the frizziest looking hair have testified to the miracle the olayer’s flat iron worked on their hair within 20 minutes of use.

Your hair to can come out as silky and shiny as you want it to be and interestingly, during your hair straightening we suggest you use wet to dry hair straightener brush, with this wet to dryer straightening brush you will no longer have to spend 2 hours washing, blow drying and coming through to flat iron.

All you need is use the wet to dry hair brush straightener to brush you hair 1-2 minutes and then use the cold wind ceramic hair straightener and all that will be done within 30 minutes.

With this wet to dryer hair straightener brush & cold wind ceramic hair straightener tools, that you will have the perfect hair styler tools on both dry and wet hair so you do not need to use blow dry any more, you could check our wed to dry hair straightener brush page to know all of the benefits.

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