Knowing China flat iron from Olayer Chinese wholesale flat irons manufacturer for your particular hair type can make or break the look you are trying to achieve. While all flat irons offer similar features, there are subtle differences that make some models a better choice for different needs, different types of hair, and the styles one is trying to achieve.

How to Choose China Flat iron

First, if simply straightening your hair is the goal, then select one with features that are most effective for that work. Choose a China flat iron with ionic technology and ceramic plate plus 1 inches. The 1 inch flat iron with 1 inch the plates will be better to straighten hair.

Secondly, choose a Chinese flat iron with variable heat settings. Fine hair requires less heat, while coarse hair requires more. Too much heat on fine hair might damage it, while insufficient heat on thick, coarse hair simply will not do the job. Leading models of flat irons offer top ranges for heat between 410 degrees F and 450 degrees F.

Thirdly, if you plan to use the Chinese flat iron for curling as well, including waves, crimps, tucks and flips, you should select one with thinner blades, up to 1 ½ inches. A one-inch blade will not straighten hair as quickly – but it will do the job with patience. What the thin blade will do for you is offer you the versatility you want to create exquisitely crafted hair styles that will fit the occasion perfectly. Work and business meetings require a straightforward, tailored look. Your recreational and casual pursuits will call for something more sporty and fun, and curls will surely be part of the design. For a romantic date, something sultry and inviting is a good idea. In short, thinner blades offer more options.

Fourthly, if you travel out of the country frequently, you may want to know A China flat iron with a dual voltage switch, making it usable with U.S and European outlets.

Finally, if you have hair that has been damaged by blow dryers or harsh chemicals, it is essential that you select a straightening iron that will help to heal your hair. Many models employ ceramic or ceramic tourmaline plates that emit negative ions and use infrared heat, both of which help seal in your hair’s natural moisturizers, including oils and water, so buy ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron from Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer will heal your hair.

More about Chinese Flat iron

Some users are surprised to find some Chinese flat irons can actually lead to a healthier head of hair, but independent testing shows it is absolutely possible. Not all China flat irons are created equal, so you should do much research before choosing, as they can be damage your hair,

Be sure to peruse our other guides to find a wealth of information on how to choose the best hair straightener and tips to help you achieve exactly the looks you want buy today’s most popular and best flat irons. If you are looking for wholesale flat irons from China flat iron company contact

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