Olayer is A negative Ion Hair brush straightener Company & Manufacturer in China. offer 4 in 1 hair brush straightener and other hair tools Hair brush straightener also called brush hair straightener is one of the very best and cheap hair brush straightener with no burn feature and 10 million negative Ions, the adjustable and fast heating feature using up to 1 minute to reach the perfect heating point by utilizing the + and – buttons. If you are seeking the best Negative Ionic Technology wet to dry Hair brush straightener company & supplier in China, you are welcome to contact us, we will offer you the private label and OEM/ODM electric hair tools factory service,

Olayer wet to dryer hair brush straightener is quite safe with his no burning system and negative ionic technology, it is so easy to use that you will never need help straightening your hair or use any other hair brush straightener tools again. Through this awesome Olayer’s Ion hair straightening brush it’s easy then ever to brush and straight your hair in the same time, this hair dryer brush straightener could straighten your wet hair or dry hair! Olayer’s Ionic wet to dry hair brush straightener is perfect for children and adult to use! Olayer’s Negative Ion hair straightening brush tool keeps constant temperature and this is a top wanted feature for beginner hair straightener users.

Olayer Ion Hair brush straightener feature:

Name: 4 in 1 Hot Air Hair straightener Brush (negative Ion hair Hot & cold hair brush straightener).
Model No.: OL-AB800
Material: ABS/PET/Aluminum Alloy
Heating Mode: Nichrome Alloy Heating Wire
Temperature Control: 2 Speed/3 Heat Setting
Power: 1000 W.
Voltage: EU-220V, US-110V.
Power cable (cord): 2M.

Pro’s for Olayer Negative Ion wet to dryer brush hair straightener.

  • It heats up fast.
    China Olayer Ion 4 in 1 hair straightening brush works without any problems with frizzy, thick and wavy hair, dryer hair and wet hair as well. is largest than other hair brush straighteners.
  • Can adjust temperature by easy press (low temperature for detangling and brushing delicate, fine hair and higher temperature if you want to straight your thick and wavy hair).
  • Works with VERY CURLY hair for sure.
  • No-burn safety guards for this hair brush straightener, no matter wet and dry hair.
  • Simply switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with + and– buttons.
  • Europe and American power suit.
  • 100% inspection before packing.
  • Automatic turn off

Con’s for Olayer Negative Ion four in one hair brush straightener.

  • Is heavier than a normal hair brush.
  • High cost that non electric brush.

How to make your hair more beauty using wet to dry Ion 4 in 1 hair brush straightener.

Negative Ion Hair brush straightener is best gift for women’s with thin hair. Most individuals with thinning or skinny hair tend to get annoyed with the outcome of a fashion that falls brief of the image they had envisioned. Thinning hair does not sentence you to a life of boring and unstylish tresses. There are a variety of things that you can do to make your thinning hair look stunning. The greatest component is that these thinning hair choices won’t consider a fantastic deal of your time or cash.

A easy sparkly headband and the right makeup and gown remodel complete a princess hairstyle on Natalie Portman. You don’t require lengthy hair. A pretty headband appears fantastic on brief hairstyles too. Use Olayer China electric Ion hair straightener brush pull back from the face to give it quantity before putting on the hair band. Select a hair band with pretty rhinestones or other sparkly touches for an immediate princess look. Pair it with a jewel toned gown to amplify the regal style.

Prevention is usually the best policy. In the sun, put on a hat or cap to steer clear of sun harm. Sadly, numerous individuals reading this article will have already endured the agonies of broken or unhealthy hair. It’s necessary to stop additional harm now, and get a restore program started.

Only Olayer Ion brush hair straightener three to 4 times a 7 days with hair being dry. Brushing hair to often will trigger breakage. Biotin encourages hair re-development. Buy a Bioten shampoo.

If you want added quantity. Bend your head down, Olayer 4 in 1 hair brush straightener downwards while drying the hair. After which you can then return to your regular position, and continue drying your hair in sections.

Eat a good deal of eco-friendly and yellow veggies and fruits. What you are following here is the carotene. This will help due to the way the body converts this material into a powerful vitamin. The finish outcome of making use of this complement may be a fuller, richer head of hair that’s really more powerful than before you began.

After the back, blow dry the sides and the entrance of your hair into sections. To produce a fashion and body, maintain the dryer on the curling brush for a few of seconds and remove the warmth. Depart the brush in position till it cools, then take it off.

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