If you’ve heard about flat irons, you’ve heard about Ceramic Flat hair Iron is the best flat iron for you if you need to straighten your hair in a blink of the eye. No more worries of being late for dates! the 1 inch ceramic cold air hair curler made from Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer is one of the best flat irons on the market. below let us explain the ceramic cold air flat iron to you

The Plates

This 1 inch ceramic flat iron made by Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer comes with 1 inch ceramic plates as contacts. Basically like any flat iron it is always wise to pick an iron that has ceramic contacts because they give your hair a smooth and silky texture after ironing. Not only that, ceramic plates also offer a more even and faster heating, this lets the iron glide through your hair like a heated wire through butter.

The 1 inch in width for the contacts are quite suitable for regular length hair, something a little below the shoulder, but anything more and then you should get an iron that has wider plates instead, because 1 inch means you have to spend quite a bit of time on your hair.

Best Feature of cold air system with 30 million negative ions – Fast Heating Capability

Most of the users claimed that this cold air hairstyling iron has flash quick heating capability. Unlike conventional flat iron, this 1 inch ceramic cold air straightener basically heats up in 20 seconds and it is ready for curling, straightening or styling process without you knowing it. Whether you have bouncy curly or straight hair, this product constantly delivers good results.

This versatile hairstyling iron not only straightens your hair, but enables you to curl and flip hair whenever you like.  It is fairly easy to do, just get a part of hair which you wish to curl, like your sides, and then twist the hair around the body of the iron and pull down. The outer plastic and rounded design makes this easy. But don’t be expecting to get the result of a curling iron since the plates are flat. As an extra credit, cold air straightener comes with a swivel power cord, which will ease your movements while straightening or styling your hair. Better still, Olayer has offered a one-year limited warranty for this product to ensure its durability.

What It Lacks

Regrettably, there are still some drawbacks. Quite a number of owners prefer a flat iron with an adjustable temperature control, which the Olayer 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron lacks. Albeit the good comments about the smooth and perfect contact between the hair and the plates, there is a minority of users who protested that this flat iron will snag on their hair from time to time, though this might be due to unclean plates.

On a balance, the 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron from Olayer wholesale flat irons vendor has received roaring good comments from 90% of the users. If you think you could do with a fixed temperature, but get out of the house fast, this is the best flat iron for you.