Best Hair Straightener Reviews

The best hair straightener reviews will help you choose the right tool for your hair type, your habits and your budget. It’s essential to choose the right model since the wrong one can result in damaged hair. After all, you’re dealing with intense heat applied directly to your hair. Even if you’re looking for the best cheap hair straightener, it’s important to choose wisely and do at least some research. And it’s not just about pricing: even the top hair straighteners can damage hair.

To assist you with your choice, we’ve assembled not only the best hair straightener reviews below, but also other useful and easy to read guides for selecting the perfect flat iron, as they’re also called, for you:

  • What is the best hair straightener? Read our How-To Guide and find out.
  • Comparison charts for all the top hair straighteners
  • Tips for Consumers, including how to find the best hair straightener
  • Deals on top hair straighteners

Types of Hair Straighteners

There are several types of materials used to make the plates of a flat iron, which squeeze together around hair strands to press them flat. One type is not better than the other: they’re simply for different types of hair.

There are also a few different technologies at work, and since this is among the best hair straightener reviews, we’ll explain what they are. Hair straighteners can have one or all of the following characteristics, since very often the top hair straighteners combine technologies for maximum output and versatility.

  • Ceramic (Tourmaline) flatirons are gentler because they use infrared heat. Less frizz.
  • Titanium flatirons provide more intense heat for thick or coarse hair. Straightens quickly.
  • Ionic flatirons create negative ions to neutralize dry hair. Leaves hair shiny.
  • Infrared flat irons are gentle. Leave hair smooth and frizz-free.
  • Silver flat irons are for a bacteria-free surface.
  • Nano technology is for advanced smoothing.

There are also different size plates to choose from. As far as size goes, what is the best hair straightener? This depends on what you want to use the hair straightener for: waves, bangs, straightening etc. A one-inch hair straightener is the most common.

What to Look For

The best hair straightener reviews will include information on the following features to help you choose the right one:

  1. Maintains consistent temperature.
  2. Maintains higher temperatures.
  3. More temperature controls.
  4. High quality plates.
  5. Built-in teeth option for difficult to tame hair.
  6. Steam function for difficult to tame hair.
  7. Cordless.
  8. Instant-heat hair straighteners.

Even the best cheap hair straighteners should maintain consistent temperatures throughout the plates. ich is considered a non-negotiable feature.

Let’s begin: below you will find reviews of the top hair straighteners from a few categories, making it easier for everyone to find something that’s just right for them.

CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron Hair Straightener Reviews

The CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is from a Houston-based company called Farouk, which not only manufactures some top hair straighteners but is also owned and operated by hair styling professionals with over 2000 educators across the world. What that means is CHI hair straighteners are made with practicality and performance in mind- hairdressers know all kinds of hair, not just their own!

CHI has a reputation among hair professionals and hair straightener customers as a quality brand that’s worth the extra cost. This is one of their ceramic models, meaning it’s gentler on hair than others. People with thin, fine hair usually go for ceramic hair straighteners, as their hair breaks more easily.

Main features:

  • heats up quickly
  • ergonomic design for comfortable styling, easy on the hands and wrist
  • swivel cord means no cord tangling issues

This model leaves hair especially smooth and silky, according to customers who purchased it. They also report this model holds up well to use, even after repeated dropping.

CHI CA1010 Air Flat Iron Hair Straightener Reviews

CHI’s tourmaline model is among the top hair straighteners in any lineup simply because of its advanced technology allowing it to distribute heat more evenly than its competitors. Among the best hair straightener reviews, one common element you’ll find is even distribution of heat. Why is this important? Because heat levels alter the effect the flat iron has on the hair: and for a salon-perfect look, the top hair straighteners apply heat evenly for uniform straightening and curling.

The infrared technology leaves hair smoother and with less frizz. The negative ion technology in this iron is another feature that puts it among top hair straighteners in most lineups. It emits more negative ions than its competitors, which means more frizz-reducing action for your hair. This CA 1010 Air Flat Iron in Onyx Black fits the bill when it comes to heating evenly, a primary consideration.

Here are the main features of the CHI CA1010 Air Flat Iron:

  • Includes manufacturer’s warranty
  • Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener
  • Negative ion technology
  • Infrared technology

GHD Classic 1-inch Styler Hair Straightener Reviews

From the hair products company that wins beauty awards year after year from the likes of Allure magazine and others, comes the ghd Classic 1-inch styler, their premier product in a lineup of several of the top hair straighteners on the market.

The Classic delivers a super sleek finish thanks to its super smooth ceramic plates. They glide through the hair and since they’re designed to be extra smooth, there’s nothing for hair to snag on.

What is the best hair straightener? One that can do everything. The ghd Classic has a rounded barrel, meaning you can use it to curl hair, in addition to straightening it. Even the best cheap hair straightener probably won’t do everything you want it to! This is one among many reasons ghd are considered the top hair straighteners.

Here are the main features:

  • cool to touch
  • lighter handle for comfortable styling
  • better handling, better ergonomics
  • snag free styling
  • auto shut off after thirty minutes
  • universal voltage for girls who travel
  • extra long cord

GHD Professional Original 1-Inch Styler Hair Straightener Reviews

The advanced Ceramic heat technology in this ghd flat iron shows what the labs at ghd can do when they put their mind to it: simply fabulous, sleek shiny hair.

One thing not found in all the best hair straightener reviews is information about voltage: this has an extra feature which makes it the perfect tool for international travel. Sure, it’s nice to have universal voltage in theory, but the real reason is consistent heating so there are no hot spots and no cool spots on your iron when using it in other countries.

  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes
  • Extra long cord
  • Universal voltage so you get great results when on the go
  • The round barrel created gorgeous curls too
  • Digital temperature control
  • Plates are aluminum & ceramic, for static-free shiny hair

The lighter body weight of this flat iron means hassle-free comfortable styling and the cool-touch handle means added comfort when styling.

Customers report damage-free hair styling with the ghd, compared to other models. After trying even the best cheap hair straightener, customers seem to have no problem paying the difference to get a ghd Professional Original 1-Inch Styler. If a styler can make smooth glossy hair with less damage, then it’s worth every penny.

HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Reviews

Here we have what may be considered the best cheap hair straightener, although by cheap we mean price not quality. To begin with, the plates are solid ceramic, not just ceramic plated. This ensures even heating and consistent temperatures when styling hair.

Speaking of temperatures, the HSI Professional has variable temperature settings. This means users can set the heat according to their hair types, which helps to prevent damage. It’s why this HSI Professional is considered the best cheap hair straightener by a majority of the customers who purchase it. Here are the main features:

  • adjustable temperature settings for different hair types
  • ceramic/tourmaline ion plates
  • flash quick heating
  • swivel cord
  • ergonomic grip design
  • moist ceramic heat
  • solid ceramic plates
  • ionic technology
  • comes with extras (see title)

Our Verdict

When it comes to the best hair straightener, reviews can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed. Not this one. We’ll say flat out that of the top hair straighteners we reviewed here, the clear winner is the HSI Professional 1″ Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener. It’s not often that the best cheap hair straightener wins out over the pricier models, but consider the original price on the HSI and it’s not that cheap. It just so happens that this model can be had for a great value right now. With the bonus features, excellent quality and advanced technology on this one, you simply can’t find a better deal on a quality flat iron.

Value aside, what is the best hair straightener in our group? We’d probably go with the ghd Professional Original 1-Inch Styler. Its advanced heater technology blows away it competitors and the plates deliver the most even and consistent heat of any hair straightener on the market.